Christian Education

The Church is responsible to come along side the family and individuals in training and nurturing the young and old alike in their Christian walk.  Throuhg our programs of Sunday School, Joy Girls, Hero Builders, Youth Groups, Library, and Vacation Bible School it is our goal to provide opportunites for growth at many different levels of learning, and to reach out to the community.

Hope Church believes that Scripture is inspired by God and that it was given without error in the original autographs. We further believe the Bible to be our guide for Christian living today. We have found that small-group study of God's Word can be an important help to spiritual understanding and growth.

Sunday School - 9:30 AM

Children’s Department:
              Nursery for ages 6 mo. - 2 yrs. old
              Classes:  Pre-school - K. Lori Moon - Fruit of the Spirit
              Grades 1-3 ~ Eris Kennedy - Fruit of the Spirit
              Grade 4-6 ~ Mark Petell - Creation
Adult Classes (includes Jr. & Sr. Hi.):
Grounded in the Gospel ~ Dean Shaw - Rm. 45 (Upper Level)
In this culture we now live in, it is ever more important that Christians (1) know what to believe, (2) why believe these essential truths, and (3) urgency & importance of safeguarding the Gospel and passing it on to our children and grandchildren.
Church Membership ~ Pastor Doug Foss. - Rm. 5
This class is designed for those who have not joined Hope Church to help you understand what our church believes and why; how our church functions (constitution, staff, committees, etc.) so that you will be able to make an informed decision about joining Hope Church. 
First Principles:  Becoming a Disciple ~ Eric LaRoche. - Rm. 7
This book covers the process of establishing believers in their faith in the context of a local church - a household of God. Rm.
Competent to Counsel ~ Pastor Mike Tuttle  - Youth Room.
Have you ever wondered what you would say to someone who asked you for counsel about a difficult topic they are struggling with? Wonder no more! Come to this Adult Sunday School Class and discover that if you are a Christian who knows the Word of God, you are competent to counsel!


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