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Hope Missions

     Hope church is blessed to be a part of God’s work for missions in many areas of the world. Many of the missionary teams have websites, newsletters, pictures & video’s that can be accessed. Some of our teams can only be represented by general information about the mission field for safety reasons.
    All of our missionaries work in challenging environments, often far from home, family and friends.  Their missions field is their new home.  There are times where God enables great successes and accomplishments, there are other times where fatigue, discouragement and adversity to God’s message must be overcome.
    You, the members of Hope Church are their sponsors but so much more. We also should be their friends lifting them up in times of accomplishment & holding them up in times of discouragement.    
    The Hope Church Missions team meets monthly (recently by zoom) and seeks to develop the close ties between the church and and missionaries or church plants seen in Acts. This is true both locally and with foreign missions. We understand to be succesful, both the church and the missionaries are codependent on each other and fully dependent on a total commtiment to Jesus Christ in all they seek to do. 
    So... we have commtted to maintain regular communications with our missionaries, encouraging them, supporing their ministry, their family and helping them in times of trial. We have established a "Missionary Emergecy Fund". This is an non budgeted fund supported entirly by voluntary donations and fund raising from the Hope Missions Team, Hope Clothing Store & Clothing Donation Shed. This account is used when unexpeced needs occur in our missionaries lives and enables us to respond quickly. We keep records of when this account is used and always seek to involve the pastor or elders in approval for use in each situation. 
    Currenty, (Dec 2020) key compoents of our missionary approach include
* Forwarding of Missionary newsletters, prayer requests and key update emails on to Hope Church Members. 
* A regular bimonthly or quarterly "Hope Church Missionary summary sent to all Hope Church Members primarily in the missionaries own words that give brief updates on one document of all recent Missionary updates. 
* An Annual Hope Church "Missions Calendar" developed with our missionaries by sending them their previous year's calendar and asking questions that seek to understand their challenges, goals and prayer requests. This is then given or sent to all Hope Churh families to enable them to be on their minds and in their prayers throug the coming year. (This is a paper copy, not to be placed on social media). 
* Updates on the Hope Church missionary section of our website when safe.  Websites are open to all and some of missionaries work in locations hostile to Christanity. Thankfully, this is only true of a few of our missionary locations but you will see some information is not available on some. 

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