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  Family Life Ministry  
Ministry of Family Life at Hope Church 
Ministry Established May 22, 2011

 Because of the deterioration and general dysfunction of today's family, both outside and within the church, Hope Church wants to become more intentional in assisting families (two parent homes, single parent homes, singles, young adults, etc.) to become what God has intended in relation to their immediate family and in relation to the Church, the Family of families.  Our intention will be to devote significant amounts of energy in training and equipping families to fulfill their biblical roles within the two God-ordained contexts of their immediate family and the Church. 
   The Vision consists of a multi-generational approach to ministry where every individual of Hope will be extended the opportunity for training, coupled with practical application to carry out their God-ordained role within their immediate family and within the context of the family of families, the Church. 
   Jeff Reed, Senior Pastor of Oakwood Road Church in Ames, Iowa and founder of BILD International, has stated in The First Principles, "We have lost the sense of a church being a family of families and have developed instead an organizational, market-driven model and a shipping mall mentality.  God's design for the local church is for it to be a family of families with strong, intergenerational roots: (1) a powerful force in raising children, (2) in building strong marriages, and (3) in cultivating an intergenerational heritage that grows stronger generation by generation. 

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